Сибирское Арт-Пространство. Landart. Городские проекты

Accelerator of creative industries

Novosibirsk 2022–2023

About the company

Siberian art space is not only about a place, but also about a team of people who are united by common interests, goals and always move in the same direction to achieve results.
The creative baggage of the Art Space is filled with projects of various scales: from exhibitions and photo shoots in a chamber studio to the improvement of urban space in different regions of Russia. We are not ready to stop there, further — more!
We strive to create beauty and grace around, to reveal the scope of creativity for everyone and to acquaint others with the versatility of art.

We create comfortable and practical art spaces

Что мы сделали?

Выставки, мастер-классы, семинары

– 15+ выставок;
– 50+ мастер-классов;
– 20+ семинаров.

Арт-объекты, социально-значимые мероприятия

– 200+ арт-объектов;
– 10+ социально значимых проекта.

Оформления, дизайн проекты

– 300+ оформлений торжества;
– 30+ дизайн проекта.

Our advantages

Individual approach

We bring something new and special to each project, depending on your goals and wishes.

A team of professionals

We regularly raise the level of our skills, work on real projects, open new horizons of creativity.

Quality assurance

We are responsible for monitoring the performance of all work even after the project is completed, as well as in its qualitative result.

24/7 in touch

Our specialists are constantly in touch and ready to answer any question you are interested in.

We go to any territory

We travel to different regions of Russia, getting into the concept and traditions of each place, emphasizing the peculiarities of the territory in each event.

Information transparency

We provide all the necessary information about projects and activities in an open, complete, timely and understandable form.

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